Hi, I am Michal and I want to design the future. Designing living objects in a human centered manner is how I want to do it.​​​​​​​ I am passionate about interaction design and tangible interfaces.
What makes me a good designer?
Design matches my skills and interests as it combines big picture way of thinking, esthetics, production, problem solving, human interaction, logistics and creativity. I like understanding and taking part in end to end processes, as I believe I can also contribute to fields adjacent to design.
Everything is interesting to me, I read a lot about a variety of topics and feel that it is enriching my world and expresses itself in my design ideas as well.
Softwares I work with: Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, Premiere pro, After Effects, KeyShot.
I’ll be happy to tell more about the work I do, talk to me.

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